About Us (Legalitas)

PRIME SAFETY  emphasizes its main business in Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Consulting. Training, Employment, and Equipment Supply.
PRIME SAFETY Focusing the need to provide proper corporate HSE and Defensive Driving Training, put in place and shaped through up-to-date training, a safety management system and appropriate safety equipment. We PRIME SAFETY are here to serve your contemporary and future QHSE and Defensive Driving Training needs.

“To develop sustainable prime training and prime consultation to increase QHSE Professional Human Resources with high capabilities in Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental through continous education and training system”

“Prime quality is the base of our objectives in providing QHSE service professionally to our customers”

PRIME SAFETY  sebagai perusahaan Konsultan dan Jasa Pembinaan Keselamatan dan Kesehatan Kerja (K3), Pemberdayaan SDM dan Pengadaan Barang
PRIME SAFETY berfokus pada kebutuhan jasa training K3 perusahaan dan juga Devensive Driving. Perkembangan terkini dari training K3 dan manajemen SMK3. Kami dari PRIME SAFETY siap untuk memberikan pelayana K3 dan Defensive Driving yang dibutuhkan.

“Untuk mengembangkan training yang berkualitas dan berkelanjutan demi peningkatan SDM ke standar K3 dan manajamen SMK3”

“Kualitas Training adalah idealisme kami untuk meberikan pelayanan K3 yang profesional kepada seluruh klien.”

Legalitas Prime Safety